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Contracts and Fees


The first step to working together is an initial conversation.  If our services align with your goals, we will provide you with a proposal that outlines our process for working together, reliable estimates for time and cost and a proposed timeline for completion of tasks.  

If our proposal is accepted we will offer you a formal contract.  Either Client or Arc & Arrow Consulting may cancel a contract without penalty within 15 days of signing or may discontinue an active contract without penalty with 30 days written notice.  Clients will be responsible for any outstanding invoices for services rendered prior to the notification.  We are fully insured and registered in the state of Vermont and through the System of Awards Management (SAM). 


We aim for efficiency and keep our time at a minimum while providing reliable progress and excellent outcomes. Our goal is to engage your working group and encourage you to learn along the way, participate in the process and keep our project costs reasonable.  

Unless otherwise negotiated in advance, our fees are:

  • In Vermont, we bill at $90 per hour plus travel time and mileage.  We strive to support small, volunteer driven projects with modest budgets. Please contact us to talk about your budget!

  • In locations requiring travel exceeding a two hour drive, we will bill at a minimum of $400 plus travel time and mileage.  

  • Workshops, meetings, presentations and other group sessions are billed hourly with a $300 minimum.  Preparation time, including communications about agenda and goals, is billed at our hourly rate. 

  • Mileage is billed at the current federal rate.

  • Travel time is billed at a rate of $30 per hour, in addition to consulting and mileage cost. Minimum travel-time billing for trips under an hour is $30. 

  • One hour is added to your monthly bill for ongoing projects, to cover multiple brief miscellaneous communications including e-mail.

​We charge for in-person, phone and zoom meetings, preparation, telephone contact, writing, research and other independent work conducted on behalf of our client, in quarter-hour (15 minute) increments. 

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